Specified Process Equipment Products

The control valve is the most important piece of equipment in modern process loops and control systems. The operational conditions of fluid pressure, temperature and process dynamics require rigor in the analysis of intrinsic characteristics and in the selection of control valves to obtain efficient performance in a process control system.

We have assembled a range of products with the design, geometry and shapes that differentiate us in the specialty and severe service control valve market, in applications, such as: superheated steam, high differential pressures, volatile, corrosive, dirty and erosive fluids, as well as solutions to eliminate cavitation and aerodynamic noise issues.

 These shape and design characteristics, together with the use of noble materials, modern casting processes and advanced assembly and test technology, has allowed us to achieve an extraordinary level of capability and quality that is recognized by our Customers all over the world.

 The control valve offering includes Reciprocating Globe, Angle and Three-Way, Rotary Eccentric Plug, Double and Triple Offset Butterfly, Segmented V-Ball, Specialty Ball, Desuperheaters and Regulators. They come equipped with Double-acting spring return actuators and advanced digital positioners and provide the thrust, speed, accuracy and response to handle the most exacting applications.